Investing in your family


Invest in your family with an enlightening education that equips you to meet today's birthing and parenting challenges.

Your questions deserve comprehensive and evidence-based answers.

Growing your family in wellness is a challenge like none other. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to find the answers you need as you navigate the oftentimes confusing journey of fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, parenting and more. 

Here you'll find that science and wisdom meet. Your questions will be carefully explored as you learn what the science says and how it fits into your unique circumstances. You'll draw on your own experiences and intuition as you learn about your options and find the solutions that are best for you and your family.

Serving Southern Ontario and beyond through in-person and online consultations.



Providing gentle, respectful and trauma informed services

A trauma informed approach puts you at the centre of your care where your history matters and your emotional and psychological safety are the top priority. Every consultation and every birth companion service understands that no one comes from a 'perfect' background and what has happened in the past can affect what is happening now. You'll be treated with the gentle respect that you deserve.

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Helping families grow in wellness through
joyous birth and beyond