“Billie’s talk on nutrition was a real eye-opener. It hadn’t occurred to me that what ‘the experts' tell us about nutrition might be motivated by $omething other than a desire for everyone to be optimally healthy.”

                 — Sheila Stubbs, Author, “Birthing the Easy Way

Mother Billie’s Ultimate birth preparation

This intensive workshop is designed for parents and professionals. This workshop is a scientifically sound look at the process of birth that blows away fear-inducing myths and legends. Participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of the hormonal physiology of birth, its built in safety mechanisms, and what disrupts this process. They'll learn proven strategies that minimizes the potential for creating an iatrogenic-induced abnormal labour pattern.  This interactive and entertaining workshop teaches participants new skills to optimize labour hormones, develop their vocabulary to avoid the nocebo effect, and engage in the kind of prenatal care that is proven to improve the outcomes. You'll leave this session with a deeper appreciation for the process of physiologic birth and a better understanding of your own experiences as a professional and a mother.

Living after birth trauma

This one-of-a-kind workshop maps the research on birth trauma and postpartum PTSD to the personal experiences of mothers-of-trauma. As 1/3 of mothers describe their births and traumatic and about 1/10 develop postpartum PTSD, you'll understand the research from a whole new perspective. With a better understanding of what primes a mother for trauma, how her prior experiences influence her coping strategies and how the behaviour of her support team affect her perception of her experience, you'll be better equipped to become part of the solution. Participants will use a real life case study to develop new skills for supporting a mother-of-trauma in achieving a respected and trauma informed birth. You'll learn what the research says on trauma prevention and learn proven healing strategies to support your clients and to continue on your own healing journey. Mothers-of-trauma will feel understood and will complete this session with new hope for their own healing. This workshop has been approved by Birth Trauma Ontario as meeting their criteria for trauma informed education.

Understanding your fertility

Do you want to optimize your opportunities for conception? Would you like to avoid conception without chemicals or physical barriers? This fun workshop teaches the basics of female fertility and charting. Participants will finish this workshop with a an understanding of the hormonal process of ovulation and menstruation and how to determine their own fertile phases. You'll learn more about peak fertility, when conception occurs, and how breastfeeding affects this delicate cycle.

Building a better you

Nutrition for the childbearing year and beyond! Enjoy this no guilt, no stress, information-packed session that will help you decide what is best for you using the most current and accurate information. You'll learn what the research says about fat, synthetic vitamins, gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. You'll learn how the trillions of cells that make up your microbiome affect your mood, your thinking, your immunity and your health. You'll learn how to feed your microbiome and build life-time wellness using simple strategies that makes wellness fun.

Caesarean prevention

Caesarean section is a life-saving procedure! The World Health Organisation has suggested that impoverished nations with a c-section rate below 5% would benefit from more advanced care for mothers to reduce maternal deaths. In countries where the c-section rate rises above 15%, more mothers die from excessive surgery than are saved by this surgery. In a country where almost one third of mothers have a c-section, it's hard to know whether it was life-saving or not. This science-based session will explore the most common reasons for a caesarean birth and will discuss effective strategies that mothers can employ to reduce the likelihood she'll need this surgery to save hers or her baby's life. Birth professionals will gain confidence in their knowledge through a better understanding of the research and the science around this challenging topic.

Since beginning my doula training in 2012, I have had the opportunity to attend multiple lectures offered by Billie Harrigan, during which she has covered topics such as VBAC, undisturbed birth, normal birth physiology, and nutrition. Each time, I come away from her talks blown away by new information which I hadn’t known before! Each time, I gain new knowledge and perspectives which have helped me tremendously in supporting my clients and teaching my students. I would highly recommend her thorough, research-based, lectures and workshops to any doula.
— Samantha Alphonso, MA, Certified Birth Doula (CBI), Certified Doula Trainer (CBI)

Birth professionals are welcome at any of Billie's workshop sessions, but sometimes there are topics that are crucial for professionals to have experience in beyond what is listed here. You can explore Billie's Advanced Skills Sessions below: