Understanding your Fertility Cycle

As humans, our biology, our emotions, our thoughts and our experiences are fully integrated. Our fertility cycle is a beautiful orchestration of the fullness our our lives. Learning to understand the signs of your fertility can give you information that can lead you into increased knowledge and wellness.

Whether you would like to increase your opportunities for conception or would like to use fertility awareness to prevent conception this workshop will give you the information you need.



Each woman's cycle is unique yet still follows the basic physiology of human reproduction. You'll learn how the pituitary hormones interact with the ovarian hormones to induce ovulation, prepare for conception, and regulate menstruation. Each phase of the fertility cycle will be explained as you learn how the various hormones dictate each phase.



Our brilliant bodies send us information to tell us what is unfolding at each stage. You'll learn the many signs of fertility and will be able to interpret the information your body is providing to understand where you are in your fertility cycle. You'll be able to use this information to take control of your fertility to either work towards conception or to space your pregnancies. 



Several environmental factors might influence the information your body is providing regarding your fertility cycle. Perhaps breastfeeding might be one of the more significant influencers. In this workshop, you'll learn how breastfeeding influences your hormones and how that affects the messages your body is giving you. Further, you'll learn effective fertility charting that will put you in control.