Traditional Birth Companion

A family is born ...

In times past, when birth was dangerous, we looked to science to lead the way with wisdom. Through the application of science, doctors began washing their hands thus ending the deadly scourge of puerperal fever, which was the primary cause of maternal death. Rickets, with its deformed pelvises, became a thing of the past as we came to understand the importance of sunshine and vitamin D, and deaths from obstructed labours declined. The introduction of antibiotics and other powerful drugs have lessened the impact of infections. Sanitation and hygiene improved the lives of everyone and research shows that when those same measures were employed for birthing mothers, they too, had better outcomes. Birth moved from the home to the hospital to take advantage of anesthesia and analgesia and over time, hospital births became a safe option.

Living in today’s society, the birth that I longed for seemed almost unattainable at first; however, upon meeting Billie I felt empowered to firmly stand behind what my heart, my intuition (and biology) told me was right for me and my family. Never in my life had I met a woman with Billie’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, faith, and undeniable passion for the wellbeing of all mothers and their babies. We are forever thankful for her empowerment, her encouragement, and her continual support. Billie will forever hold a special place in our family.
— Dominika I. Waterloo, Ontario

Once again, science leads the way as we learn more about the physiology of birth and its delicate and intricate interplay of hormones between mother and baby. We understand the impact of interventions that are sometimes applied too readily. And we understand that how a baby arrives can have life-time effects for everyone. Science confirms that home birth is a reasonable choice for many families. And a knowledgeable mentor can help improve the outcomes for the mother and baby.

A Traditional Birth Companion is a mentor that serves families in the fashion of a traditional birth attendant from conception until several weeks after the baby is born. A Companion is not a regulated midwife or doctor. There are no primary health care services, medical tests, drugs, prescriptions, or other restricted practices. A Companion provides scientifically-sound and evidence-based information throughout a mother’s prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. She helps her clients understand their options, locate resources, and to work through their challenges as they take charge of their own health care decisions, no matter whom they see for medical services.

A Companion offers prenatal visits to discuss your pregnancy, strategies for improving wellbeing, communication skills for advocating for your needs, and works with you to plan for the birth that best suits your wishes and values, along with best practices. A Companion provides a calm and experienced presence at your homebirth and offers wisdom and support as you learn to breastfeed, move through your postpartum recovery, and parent your precious baby. You'll also have all the information you need to register your child's birth to become a citizen.

  $2400 + HST