Workshop Registration: Mother Billie's Ultimate Fear-Busting Birth Preparation Workshop

Workshop Registration: Mother Billie's Ultimate Fear-Busting Birth Preparation Workshop

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This is the ultimate workshop to prepare you for a fearless birth!

This workshop has been described as "life-changing", "paradigm-shifting", and "mind-blowing".

"The BEST day ever" ~ MV
"I literally attribute my birth to this class" ~ TJ (a very happy homebirth)
"I can't recommend this enough!! I wouldn't have had the amazing birth I did without this workshop." ~ YL
"I can’t recommend this enough either. Life changing birth experience which gave me the control back after 2 shit show births, 1 of which broke me." JM

This is the ultimate science-based workshop that busts all those myths that hold you in fear and releases you to have the safe, joyous birth that you want.

Billie Harrigan is a traditional birth companion and a researcher who writes continuing education for obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and allied birth professionals. She has been serving birthing families for over 30 years and teaches birth professionals around the world. She is the author of the world's first scientifically-sound, research-based and evidence-based course for becoming a trauma-informed birth professional.

In this one-day intensive parents will face their fears with up-to-date science!

These are the questions that parents bring to this workshop that are answered in a way that changes lives:

- Is birth safe? Do I need to be in a hospital to ensure my baby and I will survive?
- What does the science say about nutrition and supplements and vitamins? (the answers will surprise you)
- How does prenatal care affect pregnancies? How do I make sure I'm getting the best care with the lowest risks?
- What kind of testing will help me have the best pregnancy and birth?
- How do hormones prepare us for birth? Is there anything we can do to help this along or mess with it?
- What's the difference between an induction and normal labour? Is one safer than the other?
- What about the pain? Can I do this without an epidural?
- I want to know more about the cervix, the amniotic sac, amniotic water, contractions, and all the things that make up a safe birth!
- What about meconium? Is that an emergency? Wait ... we can do things to lessen the possibility of meconium? What do we do if baby poops before birth?
- My doctor/midwife says Pitocin is the same as the hormone oxytocin ... is this true? What does the science say and how do I make sure I'm giving my baby the safest and most gentle arrival?
- What is "failure to progress" and why is it the leading cause of emergency caesareans? Can failure-to-progress be prevented safely?
- What about low fluid, a big baby, high blood pressure, or going overdue? Doesn't that mean a hospital induction?
- My hospital only delivers babies with mums on their backs. I've heard this is more dangerous. What does the science say and how do I help my baby have the safest arrival?
- I'd like a homebirth but I'm afraid of the baby getting stuck (shoulder dystocia) or arriving and not breathing. Does the science tell us how to prevent this or deal with it? (another surprising answer)
- What if the cord is around the neck? Will I need surgery?
- My friend gave birth to a "blue" baby ... what if that happens to me?
- What if this baby comes super quick and no one gets to me on time ... will we die? What can we do to make sure we'll be ok?
- My midwife is concerned about a postpartum haemorrhage. What can I do to make sure that doesn't happen?

Bring your fears... and we'll use the science to ensure you feel equipped, empowered, energised, and excited about the process of birth that brings your baby earthside.

This isn't your usual birth preparation class. This is the workshop that changes your entire perspective around safe birth! It equips you to make healthy decisions for you and your baby and prepares you to become the parent that this baby needs you to be - educated, fearless, and an advocate for scientifically-sound care.

Cost: $150/person, $225/couple, $350/3 individuals involved in the same birth. A certificate of completion for doulas and childbirth educators with 7 hours of CEUs.

Bring a brown bag lunch and a pot luck snack to share.

An e-transfer to secures your spot. Payment plans available.

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