Boundaries that Keep you in the Game

Supporting birthing families is a rewarding career where your investment can encourage positive results that last a lifetime.

However, it's also a challenging career that benefits from excellent training, continuing education and frequent examination of your goals and your plans for the future.

This workshop gives you an opportunity to re-eavulate your passion and purpose. You'll consider what motivates you to partner with birthing families and how you can keep that motivation nourished. You'll examine areas of stress in your work and how you can build a stronger support system and address areas of secondary trauma. This will help you stay in the game for the long haul - making a difference!


Clarifying your why

Today's birth professionals tend to enter the industry for a few main reasons. For some, they are hoping to help mothers have a better experience than they had. Others want families to feel supported and nurtured throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Some hope to make a difference in how we do birth in this culture and to lessen the risks of modern birth and improve outcomes. Still others are motivated by social justice, knowing that all birthing people deserve access to evidence-based and respectful services. Discovering your why helps you to define your focus, set your goals and establish your boundaries.


Skills for complex situations

Not all birth work is smiling mothers and sweet-smelling babies. At times, our clients will experience profound loss. They may endure a traumatic birth. They may have come from a troubling history that has left them needing advanced and skilled support. A birth professional needs more tools in her toolbox than a rebozo and some essential oils. She needs to know where her skills can best support her clients and when she has reached her limits. She needs to have a clear understanding of when and who to call when it becomes challenging and complex, both for her own wellbeing and to provide more comprehensive support for her clients.


Professional boundaries

Doulas are particularly vulnerable to secondary trauma which is the result of repeated exposure to traumatic events. The loss of a pregnancy or baby, witnessing her client's consent being violated, trying to offer information when the client is being misled or coerced all take a dramatic toll on a doula. Some birth environments are collaborative and respectful and some are hostile and alienating. This workshop will help professionals to identify sources of secondary trauma, to identify her circle of support and to learn new strategies for recovery and wellness. The professional will determine for herself where her personal boundaries lay in managing her exposure to traumatizing events based on her support network and her wellness strategies.