Professional Consultations

Equipping you to a higher level of excellence

Professional consultations offer you the opportunity to grow in your role. Whether you work with birthing families as a nurse, midwife, traditional birth attendant, childbirth educator, or doula, you will benefit from a targeted consultation that helps you gain the skills you need to tackle a specific situation, learn the science that equips you to offer advanced services, or helps you to unpack a challenging experience. Billie's years of experience in serving families in unique and challenging situations, along with her knowledge and experience as a curriculum developer for advanced continuing education for maternity providers, will give you a safe place to ask questions and to find answers that will ensure you are staying in the game and moving to the top of your profession.

There is an abundance of research to help professionals navigate burnout, deal with secondary trauma, deal with workplace challenges, and serve complex clients. However, busy professionals benefit from spending time with someone who has done the research, who has written the course content, and has put theory into practice. A professional consultation can offer you the opportunity to regain your ground, discover new strategies, and rediscover the joy of your profession.


advancing your knowledge

Many of today's clients are learning the science of birth. "Dr Google" can lead them to the Cochrane Review or original research on PubMed and more. You might find that your own training hasn't equipped you to sort through this material. At the same time, your clients may have been told something that is no longer aligned with the science and they are at increased risk of a poorer outcome because of it. You already know that much of what happens to your clients is not evidence-based but maybe you're not sure what the current evidence says. You may be noticing an increase in poorer outcomes in certain situations and wish you knew more in order to help. If routine antibiotics are contributing to a negative epigenetic expression through altered gut flora, then what can you do to reduce the potential for GBS colonisation? This is a challenging time where new knowledge is swift but it still takes 17 years before that knowledge is implemented into best practices. 

A professional consultation gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge. You'll develop a better understanding of what the research says and how it fits into the bigger picture by using critical analysis and common sense. With a deeper knowledge base, you'll feel more equipped to counsel your clients on their options and how they can make healthier choices for themselves and their babies. You'll feel empowered to offer constructive support that can contribute to better outcomes for your clients.


the trauma-informed advocate

What exactly is a trauma-informed advocate? With one third of birthing parents identifying their experience as traumatic and about one in ten developing postpartum PTSD, we have a global health crisis. Further, the epigenetic imprint of trauma is affecting current and future generations. The time is ripe for all professionals to become trauma-informed. Billie is the author of the world's first science-based certification course for becoming a trauma-informed professional. The research is unequivocal and the trauma-informed advocate can help turn the tide. When a certifying organisation tells its members that they are not "allowed" to advocate for their clients, we have a serious problem. And there is a serious misunderstanding of the role of an advocate. A trauma-informed advocate does more than rub the birthing client's back and remind them of their wishes. The trauma-informed advocate knows the potential for prior adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) to impact current health issues and has the tools to support their client on a wellness journey. The trauma-informed advocate understands the impact of prior sexual victimisation and can stand beside their client to ensure their dignity, their memories, and their experience is honoured. 

A professional consultation can help you gain a foundation on becoming a trauma-informed advocate. You'll gain insight into the varied roles an advocate can play and how it fits with your unique communication style. It will move you from feeling helpless to feeling equipped


let's talk

Are you thinking about setting new boundaries for your business and you're not sure what that looks like? Perhaps you'd like to talk about a challenging scenario and brainstorm ideas for developing new skills or new learning opportunities that would equip you better. Perhaps you'd like to develop a better strategy for reaching more clients. Let's talk.

Supporting clients through a vulnerable transition opens up a wide variety of learning opportunities but it also can expose the professional to situations they may not have felt equipped for. Burnout and secondary trauma affects the most dedicated birth professionals. There are recognisable signs that you might like to explore to see if you're beginning to feel stressed from your work. A consultation can help you identify where your personal and professional boundaries could use some re-evalation and identify strategies for staying healthy. Health strategies can vary from exercise and getting some sunshine (vitamin D) to considering various therapeutic modalities and locating the appropriate therapist.

A professional consultation is an opportunity to explore your concerns and to access research that could guide you in your next steps. Or it's an opportunity to put on the kettle, relax, and share your journey with someone who understands.