Pre-pregnancy Consultations

Preparing for Pregnancy

Getting the best start before you become pregnant can lay the foundation for a healthier you and that means a healthier family. Family wellness begins before the baby arrives!

As you consider adding to your family, you may have questions about fertility charting to optimize conception. You may be looking for information to improve yours and your family's wellbeing. Or you may have lingering questions about your previous pregnancy or birth. Perhaps there were health challenges that you would like to address before a new pregnancy or you might want to process your previous experience, learn more about breastfeeding or make plans for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). Take this opportunity to gather information to make the decisions that are best for you. 

$55/hour + HST

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habits that nourish

Each individual benefits from nutrition that addresses their particular needs. Wellness includes understanding your unique circumstances and the history of how and why you are where you are. Learning how to regulate blood sugar is an effective strategy for preventing gestational diabetes and learning how to nourish your microbiome positively combats Group B Strep (GBS). Investing in prenatal wellness lays the foundation for a healthier pregnancy and birth and prepares your baby for a smooth transition from womb to arms.


knowing the signs

Our bodies send us messages that tell us how we are doing. Some of these signals inform us of our fertility cycle and others tell us that we are still processing a troubling experience. Learning to understand these messages helps to puts us in control of how we will address them. Understanding your fertility cycle allows you to take positive steps for conception or contraception. Further, learning to listen to and understand the messages of your body equips you to take positive steps to search for answers or process a difficult experience. 


birth after trauma

Everyone comes to their birth with their own history. This might include prior negative experiences from childhood, including abuse or neglect, adulthood, including relationship trauma, or even a previous troubling birth. These experiences can influence how we would like to welcome our precious babies into the world. Pre-pregnancy is a good time to explore those influences and to identify goals and options. You can take positive steps to ensure your history is honoured and your future is bright. 

In addition to being an amazing and inspiring woman, Billie is a wealth of fact-based information. Her nutrition information is well-organized and thoroughly researched, and very practical. I learn something valuable from her every time I have the pleasure of seeing her speak. I highly recommend that any woman interested in her health and childbearing spend as much time as possible with this woman!
— Christine McGillis