Pregnancy Consultations

Separating Fact from Fear

Thanks to great improvements in our society, including sanitation, social safety nets, infrastructure, food, and infection control, birth is a safe and rewarding experience for most families. Yet, there are still many fears that mothers carry with them. In spite of many tests and great medical services, including a dramatic rise in surgery, families are looking for more information to help them decide what is safest for them. Pregnancy consultations provide parents with a clear outline of the evidence that is available and how they can use that information as they prepare for their baby.

$55/hour + HST

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prenatal testing - fact from fear

Prenatal testing and screening is now a routine part of pregnancy. Testing and screening can provide useful information to make decisions that are best for mother and baby. With a dramatic rise in surgery and fewer benefits and increasing risks from this rise, what tests are helpful in your unique situation? What will you do with the information gathered? A look at the evidence can help you prepare for the prenatal care you want and deserve. You can identify risks and benefits and understand the options available using the information you gather.  


pushing the vbac option

A previous caesarean does not mean you will automatically need surgery for future children. While it could be life-saving, each surgical birth increases the risks to the mother for haemorrhage and future obstetric complications and can also have lasting health consequences for the child. Most mothers are great candidates for a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) and most mothers say they'd prefer that option, yet only about 15% of mothers will have a VBAC. Achieving the VBAC you want takes more than luck. Learn why the VBAC rate is so low and what you can do to optimize the likelihood that your baby will arrive in the manner you want. 


mothers matter

Taking care of mother means taking care of baby. Pregnancy is the time for whole family wellness where optimal nutrition makes a difference. Routines that strip a mother of her dignity or her autonomy are poor practices that can be addressed through knowing your options and knowing your rights. Learning good communication skills and learning to advocate for yourself and your baby can ensure you have a pregnancy and birth that builds strong family relationships. Pregnancy consultations can help you learn the issues in today's maternity care and how to ensure your wishes and needs are met. 

I am so grateful for finding Billie when I was expecting my twins. Our first phone conversation was over hour long and I knew then she was somebody I wanted to have on our side. I never had anybody talk to my unborn babies the way she did! Because of her, I was able to have the birth I wanted. She is a very wise woman and her kindness and gentle manners make her the perfect birth companion. We will be forever grateful to her for all her help and support she gave us during this journey. Because of her our babies have the start in life they deserve.
— Kate, Ontario, Canada