Postpartum Consultations

Where Science Meets Wisdom

Life with a new baby isn't always what you'd hoped it would be. Those first days and weeks after baby arrives can leave you wondering if anything will be "normal" again. You may be recovering from surgery, struggling with breastfeeding, waiting for the deep bond between mother and baby to grow, or trying to find a new path as a family. With the new challenges of this season, it can be difficult to find the information that bests suits your situation. A postpartum consultation will equip you with resources to understand your changing circumstances and to chart a path where you create the family life that you want and need. 

$55/hour + HST

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postpartum problem solving

Breastfeeding issues are common as both mother and baby learn a new skill together. Not all newborns sleep like the baby books say they do. And not all parents enjoy what's happening to their family. Yet sometimes the solutions sound more complicated than the problems. Understanding the science of lactation, newborn adjustments, attachment, postpartum recovery and more can make a difference when wisdom is applied to the situation. A calm and experienced approach can help to restore balance, establish a breastfeeding relationship and help encourage postpartum recovery for the whole family. 


holistic family wellnes

As antibiotic resistance becomes a global health concern, and more children are struggling with food allergies and their consequences, parents are looking for more strategies to build healthy families. What does it mean to build up your immune system? What can you feed your family if your child can't eat dairy? There are many holistic health practices that you can learn to add to your toolkit of wellness strategies, including nutrition, herbal remedies, homeopathy, and how our thoughts and emotions influence our health. A wellness consultation can explore those strategies that work with your family and your values. 


processing a difficult birth

You can love your baby but hate the way his or her arrival unfolded. "At least you have a healthy baby" doesn't diminish your love for your baby, it's simply a way of saying that your experience doesn't matter. You matter and how you experienced the birth and postpartum of your baby matters. A healthy baby needs a healthy mother. And a healthy mother needs to feel heard, understood and valued. A postpartum consultation will offer you a supportive and understanding place where you can begin to process your experience, look at how it unfolded and what it means for you and to find new avenues for healing. 

Several weeks after birth, I experienced some medical abnormalities that didn’t fit any textbook description. After undergoing several inconclusive tests and meeting with different doctors who were just as confused about everything as I was, I arranged a postpartum consult with Billie. I was completely blown away by this consultation. She understood exactly what was going on with my body and she knew how to integrate the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of the postpartum period to allow true healing to happen.
— . Caroline, R.N, Waterloo, Ontario