Building a Better You

It doesn't take long for every cell in your body to be replaced with a new cell. And the building blocks for that new cell comes from the basics of what you provide through the food you eat. This means that you have the opportunity to build a new you through excellent nutrition!

Far from hopeless, the potential to build a better life exists right in front of you and mostly ends up on your plate. You can build outstanding wellness for yourself and your family and you can lay the foundation for the next generation by giving your growing baby all the essentials for optimal health.

This workshop uses the most current science to help you choose those nutritional strategies that work for you. There is no one-size-fits-all and you'll feel empowered to choose what works for you.


history of the food guides

Did you ever wonder how our Food Guides came into existence and why they promote the foods they do? You'll learn the history of our Food Guide and why each food group earned its piece of the pie. You'll also learn whether these recommendations are based in science or in economy and whether what's good for the economy is also good for your body. 


fat for health

For years now, we've been advised to cut our fat and to limit saturated fat. Since that recommendation, there's been an explosion in obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Is there a connection? Science gives us some confronting information about the way we've been encouraged to eat. Given that our brains are primarily composed of fat, what kind of fat helps to ensure optimal brain function? You'll learn more than the basics and will become confident in your food choices.


seed and feed your microbiome

The cells of your microbiome outnumber your human cells by 10 to 1. Your microbiome is so key to your health that it is called your second brain inside your gut! The diverse bacteria inside your gut creates important neurotransmitters and informs your immune system when there's an invader. In this workshop you'll learn how to protect your microbiome. You'll also learn how to seed it and feed it. Like any living organism, it needs food! You'll learn how best to keep your gut flora and your immune system flourishing.