Billie is a legend in the making. Never before have I had the privilege to cross paths with someone who is not only incredibly inspiring, but loaded with endless knowledge. Many times since being certified as a birth doula I’ve found myself dumbfounded by hospital birth experiences. Billie has made herself available to me as a mentor and guide. Her knowledge has shone light on many a situation. So blessed are those of you who have this incredible woman in your community.
— Jodi Queensland, Australia

Goals versus wishes


Have you ever wondered why you haven't achieved those goals you've set for yourself? Turning our wishes into goals into outcomes requires more than your vision for the future. It requires targeted actions. As a professional you also can help your clients move beyond what they say they want to seeing the results they desire. Further, you'll develop advanced skills in identifying your clients 'hidden' goals when there's a mismatch between what a client says she wants and the choices she is making. You'll be better equipped to support her in the way she needs you to. 

Communication that gets clients talking

Knowing what your clients want is the key to being a supportive and effective birth professional. There's a knack to helping your clients communicate and share their thoughts and wishes with you. In this skills-based session, you'll learn how to ask questions that gets your clients really communicating. You'll learn how to engage with them in a way that encourages open discussion and eliminates judgement from your questions.

Boundaries that keep you in the game

Did you know that doulas tend burn out in about 3 years? That means that your hard work and aspirations can come to and end before you've had a chance to see where your dreams can take you. In this session you'll learn new strategies for staying in the game from someone who has stayed for over 30 years. What does it mean to have flexible boundaries? Can you continue to stay connected with your clients for years to come and enjoy it? How do you manage secondary trauma when things don't go as planned? This eye-opening session will equip you for the long haul and prepare you with strategies to both stay in the profession and enjoy it.

Are there no planned workshops in your area? Bring Billie's workshops to your community. Let us know which workshops you'd like to experience, and we'll help you organize a continuing education day for you and your fellow birth professionals. Certificates are provided.